Food & Health

Sharing our fave foods and Corona cupboard staples.
Trying to keep healthy during lockdown.

Family & Kids

From kids' activities to I-hate-my-family rants.
How are you coping having everyone around all of the time?


Single? Wishing you were single? Married & miserable?
Relationships under the spotlight.

Working from Home

Work has changed; whether you’re WFH, on the front line or furloughed. How can you make the best of your situation?

Beauty or Beast?

Spending quarantine in your comfy clothes? Or do you prefer all-day glam? Browse our beauty hacks and DIY pamper guides

Isolation Stories

We're all stuck indoors, but everyone's story is different. Are you struggling through social distancing or is this dream come true?

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Keep Safe, Keep Sane, Stay Home

No news, no legislation, no miracles. If you’re looking for a cure, you’re in the wrong place. The Corona Diaries is about getting through lockdown. We’re all in the same boat, so here you will find real people, real stories and a bit of fun. We know the situation is serious, but if you don’t laugh, you cry….have a scroll, bet you ain’t got anything better to do!