About Us

What’s it all about?

The Corona Diaries is about coping with life in lockdown and is a way to alleviate boredom while we’re all stuck indoors. It is not a site for news (real or fake), it is also definitely not a site for infection prevention advice from your uncle’s-mate-from-down-the-road-who-knows-the-son-of-a-doctor-located-in-a-top-secret-UK-research-facility.

If this site was human, it would be wearing multi-coloured nail polish, pyjamas, drinking a gin and reading non-educational novels whilst contemplating whether or not to download Tik Tok. So if you’re a serious person, you’re probably not going to like anything that is published here, and I’d suggest you go away before you get offended and I have to delete your mean comments. 

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Sukhi. I’m bored….and am guessing many of you are too. I am pregnant and on the ‘vulnerable’ list, so, more than ever, I need something to keep my brain busy. I have no idea what day it is anymore, but I’m pretty sure this is our third week of isolation. 

In real life I am a copywriter and content creator for my business SKA Content. In this apocalypse however, I’m basically one of millions sitting at home hoping for a miracle. I’m based in London btw – so most of the posts on this site will be UK-based.

The Corona Diaries is my (un)helpful, light-hearted look at this new (hopefully temporary) world we are stuck in. You may agree with some of it, you may hate all of it, I don’t really mind. I’m just excited to be doing something!

I have also tried to rope in as many bored and talented individuals as I can so that they can share their coping strategies, current life situations and circumstances too. 

Anyway, keep safe, keep sane and stay home.  

Sukhi xoxo