Homeschool: Listening Walk

As the debate rages about whether or not to send our children to school on June 1st if they reopen, the struggle of homeschooling continues. Now that we are allowed out of the house with less restrictions, this is a great homeschooling activity to teach basic phonics to nursery age kids.

While older children may have had resources sent to them by their schools or are having online lessons with their teachers, it’s the younger pre-schoolers that you may be finding difficult to engage.

This Phase 1 Phonics activity is aimed at 3 to 4 year olds and is all about developing their speaking and listening skills.

Children need to be very secure in Phase 1 before learning any sounds formally and this phase continues throughout all the other learning phases. 

There are seven Aspects to Phase 1. However, this activity focuses on Aspect 1 which is described as ‘general sound discrimination’ and is to ‘raise children’s awareness of the sounds around them.’

Get Started

For this activity you will need:

  • Scissors
  • Coloured paper
  • Felt tip pens
  • Glue/sellotape (to attach ears to headband)

Step by Step

  1. Cut out large ear shapes from your coloured paper and add ear details with pen (while these aren’t essential, they are fun. Learning for little ones, needs to be fun in order to keep them interested).
  1. Measure the width of your child’s head using the coloured paper and then make a headband. Attach the ears to the headband with glue or sellotape.
  1. Create a table similar to above and print out ready for your Listening Walk (this is not essential as you can just discuss sounds).
  1. Go out for a walk.
  1. Stop, encourage your child to close their eyes and listen carefully to the different sounds that they can hear.
  1. Talk about the sounds you can all hear. Record these if you’re using the above table.
  1. Repeat on a different day or different location and talk about similarities and differences in the sounds that you hear 

Hannah has plenty of more activities to keep you and your kids busy. Visit her Facebook page Woolf Cub – Ed and her Instagram @woolf_cub_ed for more.


  • Hannah Woolf is an Assistant Headteacher in a London primary school and has three young children. She offers lots of fun activities that are based around learning in the Early Years.

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