Homeschool: Owl Art Activity

If you’re struggling with homeschooling or just struggling to keep your little one (or ones’) occupied and off those screens, we’ve got you covered with this owl art activity.

This activity is suitable for children aged from 3 to 6 years. And it’s a real hoot (sorry, couldn’t help it…!)

Craft activities are great, either as part of the homeschool day or just for a bit of fun. These activites stimulate creativity, help to develop fine motor skills, teach children about the uses of different materials and how to join them together.

Just leave perfectionism at the door and let your child develop skills such as drawing around an object, cutting, using split pins and so on. These are all important skills for your child to master. 

Get Started

For this activity, you will need the following:

What you need to make an owl
  • Coloured cardboard for the body and wings 
  • Coloured cardboard for small triangles (feathers)
  • Yellow cardboard for the eyes 
  • White paper for the face
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Black felt-pen
  • 2 bowls (one smaller than the other)
  • 2 butterfly clips/split pin  for moving wings

Fun Facts

Did you know that a group of owls is called a parliament? Did you know that owls can turn their heads as much as 270 degrees? No? Well this is the time to learn!

When embarking on a craft activity, it’s always a great idea to add some learning around the subject. In this instance, talk about owls – ask your child what they already know and go from there.

Do they have interesting questions about owls? It’s important to encourage curiosity and give children an opportunity to ask their own questions.

Lookup some owl pictures and information together. Learn about what they eat, that they are nocturnal and that the colour of their feathers helps them camouflage into their environment.

Having these discussions will help to develop your child’s knowledge and understanding of the world and make the craft activity more meaningful. 

Step by Step

Step 1 owl activity
  1. Draw around the larger bowl onto whatever coloured card that your child has chosen for the body (if they want to use fluorescent green – let them in the name of creativity!)  Add owl shaped ears to the circles.
Step 2 of homeschooling owl activity
  1. Draw around the smaller bowl onto white paper. Inside the circle, draw a heart shape for the owl’s face.
Step 3 of homeschool arts and craft owl activity
  1. Cutout the body and face and then glue the face onto the body.
  1. Draw two large yellow eyes (I drew around a glue stick). Use a black felt-tip to draw a thick black rim and a large black pupil in the yellow circle.  Then, glue the eyes into the heart-shaped face. 
step 5 homeschool owl activity
  1. Draw around or encourage your child to draw around their own hands to make the wings. Cut the wings out. 
Step 6 homeschool owl activity
  1. Cut small triangles out of coloured paper (make these a different colour to the body). Stick them onto the body with the point facing downwards.  
Step 7 homeschool owl activity
  1. Draw and cutout small feet and stick onto the back of the body. 
  1. Pierce a hole into the body and the wing (we used a sharp pencil to do this). Attach the wings to the back of the body using split pins.  

And voila! You have a cute owl with wings that flap!

Hannah has plenty of more activities to keep you and your kids busy. Visit her Facebook page Woolf Cub – Ed and her Instagram @woolf_cub_ed for more.


  • Hannah Woolf is an Assistant Headteacher in a London primary school and has three young children. She offers lots of fun activities that are based around learning in the Early Years.

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