How to have the best kids’ birthday party during lockdown

Lots of us are celebrating or are due to celebrate a birthday behind closed doors in the coming weeks. Unfortunately, we can’t share the occasion with others in person due to lockdown restrictions, but we can do our best to make the day as fun as possible, especially for our kids. 

Children’s birthday parties are so important to celebrate. We all remember the excitement of a childhood birthday; actually being excited to go to school to see all your friends, the nervous anticipation of a birthday party, the presents, the people and of course the cake. 

So how do we create that same sense of innocent excitement during lockdown? Hopefully these tips will help create another unforgettable year for your little one. 

  1. Theme

A theme will help to bring everything together. Start by asking what your child would like to base their party around. A 3-year-old might choose something like PJ Masks, whilst a 5-year-old may want a circus party. Either way, now the party has a direction for you to follow in regard to décor, costumes, food and so on. 

Picture of party theme
Zoo party theme
  1. Decorations

Whilst some people enjoy making homemade decorations, others may prefer to take the easy option and order them in! Thankfully, many companies are still operating and suppliers like Party Pieces are still offering delivery (but this may take longer than usual so be sure to get organised). This particular supplier is great for themed décor and offers a range of party bundles to make the birthday bash really special. 

  1. Cake 

No party is complete without a birthday cake. You may be fortunate enough to find a cake maker who is still able to deliver. Or, to stick to a budget, this may be the year for a DIY cake attempt. As long as it’s made with tonnes of love (and brightly coloured sprinkles) your child is sure to be happy. 

There are some really easy birthday cake recipes available online. My favourite recipes to follow are from Cupcake Jemma. She also teaches piping techniques so you can decorate your cake like a pro (well try to anyway). 

  1. On the day

Ironically, UK weather has been lovely in since the lockdown, so if you have a garden, take the party outside! Make it a picnic style birthday party, which gets you all out into the sunshine. 

Other ideas include giving your child the run of the house for the day. Give them a crown and make them King or Queen of the lockdown kingdom. Also, you could create a rundown, for example, make their favourite breakfast, watch a nice movie together or play a video game they enjoy. We’ve all got the time to make their day extra special. 

Birthday boy at his party
King for the day! Lockdown birthday ideas
  1. Entertainment/Personal Messages/Virtual Party

Zoom parties are all the rage at the moment. Give your child a virtual birthday party with a few of their close friends – send out e-vites and a dress code for a short burst of screen time fun. Alternately, get close friends or family members to send over short greeting videos. 

Princess party entertainment
Princess party entertainer

If you would like some additional entertainment, we at Mini Maniacs are offering Facetime or Whatsapp sessions with Princesses or Fairies for your child’s special day. Contact us here to arrange that special call. 

To see more of Rav’s amazing parties, follow her on Instagram @theminimaniacs.


  • Rav is an event planner and runs the luxury children's party company Mini Maniacs. She creates beautiful, unforgettable events for all the family and is obsessed with the finer details of your special occasion.

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