Mindful Colouring with the Henna Boutique

As the world starts to slowly press play, there’s still a long way to go until we resume normal social activities like catching up with friends and family, or going out to eat. So whilst we still have this luxury of time, it’s time to get creative and get colouring.

Biodegradable henna cones by the henna boutique
Biodegradable henna cones

Tanya Vyas of The Henna Boutique has been working with henna (a natural dye that fades with time) for ten years. Not only does she do traditional work like adorning brides’ hands and feet with beautiful and intricate henna patterns, she also hosts henna parties, creates unique henna fashion designs, holds workshops, and much more.

Whilst we have been self-isolating, Tanya has been holding virtual henna nights. Participants first receive a reusable henna practice sheet, henna cones and design templates. They then join her Facebook group to take part in the online session.

She also offers mindful colouring sessions, using henna patterns to calm the mind and create gorgeous designs. Tanya has generously created a special colouring sheet exclusively for The Corona Diaries which you can get for free here. Just use the code ‘CoronaDiaries’ at the checkout for your complimentary download.

Hand drawn henna design by The Henna Boutique
Hand drawn henna design by The Henna Boutique

Once downloaded, get your colouring pencils or pens out and join Tanya for this relaxing and mindful colouring video.

Watch Tanya’s mindful colouring video:

Send us snaps of your finished results!

Visit The Henna Boutique to find out more and download more beautiful designs. See more of Tanya’s work on her Instagram @the_henna_boutique.

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