Toddler Activities: Free & Fun

If you’re the parent or carer of a toddler, you know first hand how difficult it is to keep them entertained. Throw in a global pandemic, no nursery or playgroups…well it’s pretty damn impossible!

Young children may fight routine (especially that bedtime routine 😫) but one thing is pretty resolute, they tend to thrive in a consistent, steady and stable pattern of activities.

Also, toddlers are amazing sponges…absorbing new things, language and play activities with much greater speed than us adults. So when two-year-old Teddy’s kindergarten closed, his mum Leanne wanted to ensure he continued to learn, grow and have fun at home.

Leanne has created an amazing range of activities for her and Teddy to enjoy together – and best of all, they’re all free! She has used things they already have in the house to keep him busy and his little mind ticking over. Read on for her toddler entertainment hacks!

Sensory Zip Lock Bag

Fill a zip lock bag with hair gel/shampoo/body wash (anything that is brightly coloured works well). Add glitter, googly eyes, sequins, buttons and any other fun bits you find around the house.

Use two bags to ensure there is no leakage and voila! Leanne stuck Teddy’s sensory bag to the patio door using sticky tape so that he could reach and explore.

Planting Potatoes/Garlic/Onions

Here’s Teddy enjoying his afternoon of potato planting! Leanne didn’t have any seeds at home, but this didn’t stop her and Teddy from enjoying their gardening.

If you don’t have any potatoes, spring onions or garlic are also great options. If you don’t have a garden – the window sill and a small pot will do just fine!

Balloon Pool

While the weather has warmed up a bit now, on those days when it’s a bit chilly – this is a great option. Leanne brought Teddy’s paddling pool indoors and filled it with balloons, so he had his very own ball/balloon pit to roll around in for a few hours. Lots of fun and very easy to do.

Card Slot Box

This simple card slot activity has kept Teddy entertained for hours at a time – and three weeks later, he’s still playing with it! Leanne simply took an old washing up container, washed it out and then cut a slot into it. She showed Teddy how to drop playing cards into it and he was hooked!

To change it up, help your child decorate the box with brightly coloured paper or whatever you have around the house. Instead of playing cards, you can cut out shapes from a cereal box or any other cardboard box for them to play with. Great idea!

To see more of Leanne’s great activities keeping her and Teddy busy over lockdown, visit her Facebook page Toddler Activities with Teddy.


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