Full Body Stretch by Push With Ush (And her Mum)

Hands up if you started lockdown determined to workout every day and stay as active as possible? Hands up if you are now struggling with motivating yourself to even take that daily walk? You need to stretch and blow away those cobwebs!

As the weather changes, so does our mood. And the longer lockdown goes on for, the more toll it takes on our waistlines, daily step count and general wellbeing.

That’s why I’m here to give you a virtual nudge….get up, get moving and lift that mood. It’s so easy to fall into a no-motivation hole or to start feeling anxious, I mean, it’s been five weeks and we’re all still on pause.

So give yourself the next 30 minutes to refuel, recharge and stretch out those aching backs and legs.

As we all know, exercise gives you a natural high and my class is going to give you that little push you need to start feeling better and more positive.

Go on, give it a go, even my mum got involved! xoxo

Click here to watch in full screen.

Ush is a personal trainer and nutrition expert. Check out her services here and follow @pushwithush, her motivational Instagram account, for more insights into health and fitness.


  • Ush is personal trainer and nutrition expert working with Asian females to improve their health and wellness. She provides face to face and online training and weight loss programmes.

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