Body Weight Workout by Push with Ush

Ok people, it has been three weeks (or is it four?) and we’ve just been told we’re in lockdown for at least another three, so now is the time to accept the situation and get your backside off the sofa.

For many of us, one daily excursion doesn’t feel like enough movement or exercise. Others may feel hampered by the lack of gym equipment or (let’s be honest) a complete lack of motivation.

This period we’re currently living through is a ‘once in a lifetime’ kind of situation – so it’s important to remember that we’re all in the same boat and we all need to keep moving to keep healthy – physically and mentally.

I’m a personal trainer and nutrition coach and believe me, I’m struggling with lockdown as much as you are. But one thing I’m trying to do is to keep moving – no matter how much space you have (or don’t have).

Here’s a free full body weight workout, done next to the dining table in my family home, so space isn’t an issue! It’s already been tried by hundreds of people and I’d love for you to have a go!

Hope you enjoy it! xoxo

Ush is a personal trainer and nutrition expert. Check out her services here and follow @pushwithush, her motivational Instagram account for more insights into health and fitness.


  • Ush is personal trainer and nutrition expert working with Asian females to improve their health and wellness. She provides face to face and online training and weight loss programmes.

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