This Corona World; A Poem

Where did this virus come from?
Surely somebody out there knows.
Why they didn’t prepare us earlier, 
God only knows.

For the powers to be to shut the schools,
And business’s not needed.
They must have been aware that this disease was to spread
And warnings were not heeded!

Jobs are lost, businesses folded, families torn apart,
Frightened people watching the news,
The death tolls given to us in a chart.

Scary news. 
All doom and gloom.
People worried,
Very upsetting,
When will all this be over?
When will we be able to stop fretting?

We are home alone,
Life is on hold.
Only shop when necessary,
So we are told.

Only stray outside for health and exercise, 
Stand 2 metres apart.
Which is 6 feet to be precise.

Now sitting here alone,
Mood swings vary.
Loneliness sinks in,
Which some days is very scary.

Keeping busy is the key,
Reading helps to pass the time.
Facetiming friends and family,
Keeps the brain and hopes alive.

The world has changed,
The skies are clear.
No planes above us,
Only birds singing and clean air.

I can hear the birds singing,
Feel the breeze in the air.
The sun on my face,
The wind in my hair

We are grateful for our NHS,
Who do their jobs without protection.
They look after us as best they can,
And we send them all our love and affection.

Seeing terrible sights,
They don’t want to see.
People dying alone,
They just want to flee.

Relatives unable to hug and to hold.
People dying,
Nobody to call.
Nobody to comfort them,
In their last hour of need.
Strange people in masks are the last things they see.

By Carol Williams


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