Mindfulness in a Crazy Covid World

Right now we’re all sitting ducks. We’re here waiting for government updates, crossing our fingers for a vaccine, worrying about jobs/finances/family….it’s an endless cycle of stress and panic.

So how do you clam the mind in this new crazy Covid world? How can you switch off those feelings of fear, boredom or overwhelming worry?

Mindfulness practitioner, Reena Ruparelia put together this short vlog so we can all incorporate a little bit of mindfulness into our day.

Take a deep breath, sit back and listen.

Click here to watch in full screen.

Reena began her Mindful Journey in 2013, during one of the lowest times in her life. She was burnt out from her job, depressed, hopeless and stress was causing her skin to break out in Psoriasis, which covered 75% of her body. 

Through a mindful intervention, she began a daily practice of meditation and mindfulness. And over time was able to shift her perspective, calm her skin and ultimately change her life.

Since this time, Reena has been on a mission to share the practice with individuals, groups and organisations everywhere. She also creates tailored mindfulness programs.

To learn more about Reena and mindfulness, please follow her Instagram @reenrup.


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