Create a Home Work Space That Works for You

For some of us, working from home during lockdown initially seemed like a novelty; rolling out of bed ten minutes before work starts, wearing comfy clothes to take important calls and no longer having to battle through the daily commute. Great!

Fast forward six weeks later… bored kids’, excited pets and a lack of space probably have you pining for your office again. 

But as there is no end in sight at the moment, it’s time to think about your home office space and making it as comfy and practical as you can.

We spoke to Carolyn from Carolyn Fox Interiors, Karen from Renaissance Interiors and Holly from HH Styling & Interiors to get some advice about how to create the perfect home office.

Altogether now…

If you previously had the luxury of a dedicated office space, you’re halfway there. But with whole families working and schooling from home you might need to take a communal approach. 

Sharing your home working space
Working from home can have its challenges!

Carolyn believes turning your home into a trendy co-working office is ideal for families sharing a space.

Whilst everyone sitting at the dining table might not be ideal, it does mean you can keep an eye on the kids’ homework whist getting on with your own.

It’s definitely worth while setting some ground rules. For example, if the kids are old enough, make sure you get a tea rota in place, or if you’re sharing the space with a partner make sure they can brew a good coffee. Biscuits are a must!

Headphones for conference calls help if you can’t decamp to another room. And, at the end of working hours, make sure there is an agreed tidy up time, where everyone pulls their weight and has allocated storage areas for their work. 

Home Alone

Make your home office somewhere you want to spend your time

Carolyn is a firm believer in using accessories and soft furnishings to make your home office somewhere you really want to be.

If you’re lucky enough to have a dedicated office space, spare room, or garden shed, make it nice and make it yours. Think prints, flowers and photos of your favourite people. Add a few toys, a radio for company or a guitar for when you need a 15 minute break. 

Think about the position of your screen. It should be at the right height for your head. Lap top raisers are great for this. 

If you can, try and position your computer by a window so that you have a view. You’ll want it shaded from sunlight, so don’t back onto a window or it will be difficult to see your screen and you’ll be a dark silhouette during video calls.

Check out interior designer Karen’s top tips for creating a practical and comfortable home office environment in this video.

Get Comfy

You definitely need a comfy chairGo for a proper ergonomic office chair if you spend most of the day at your computer or desk. There are plenty of stylish options that would be an upgrade from your dining room chair.   

The George Oliver Olmstead Mid-Back Desk Chair with its mid – century good looks is more than stylish enough to grace any living room, and strikes the perfect balance between form and function with a swivel and height adjustable function.

Herman Miller chairs are quite pricey, but your back will thank you for the ergonomic design and comfort.

Desk Obsessed

Do you love your home office desk? No? Well you should, especially now. With work life due to change for the foreseeable future, now is the time to invest in a desk you love. Like this beautiful Albert desk from Graham and Green for £595.

Clever storage desks are a must if you have a small work space and need to hide those papers and pens at the end of the day. If you’re on a budget check out the nation’s firm favourite Ikea that has a range of sizes and shapes to suit most areas.

Shelving units with inbuilt desks are great for small spaces and Habitat has a few to choose from.

Under desk storage
Under desk storage as put together by Holly from

Under desk storage is also a great solution to putting clutter away and keeping essential items within easy reach.

Open shelves look unique and are a great storage solution, as designed by

Open shelves are also a lovely way to create stylish displays of your work and make a great backdrop for video calls. Much more exciting than a boring white wall!


Huge thanks to Carolyn from Carolyn Fox Interiors for her contribution to this blog. See more of her gorgeous designs on her Instagram @carolynfoxinteriors.

Thanks to Holly Scott from HH Styling & Interiors for her lovely pictures. Follow her Instagram @hhstylinginteriors for more.

Thank you to Karen Chapman for her great video. Karen runs Renaissance Interiors based in Hartley Wintney. Follow her Instagram @renaissance.interiors for more.


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